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Currently in March…



I don’t know about you, but the month of March flew by around here. We have had huge ups and downs in our weather and I am more than ready to hang flowers on my porch but Mother Nature is not cooperating!  Is it spring yet where you are?  Here is a little update for me Currently in March

Reading… I have read quite a few books in March, but sadly nothing that I would want to recommend to you!

Playing… Played a little Widow Whist on Easter, otherwise I have not been playing anything, that should probably change.
Watching… My daughter and I have been speeding our way through all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy ( I know we are late to the party), and we are currently on Season 10!
Trying… To not take things that happen at work personally!  I work in a County Assessor’s Office and this time of year everyone is upset about their taxes being due, and we happen to be on the front lines of those phone calls.
Cooking… the amazing things that come in my Hello Fresh! shipments, if you didn’t read this post already, do it now!!  This food is great and there’s a discount in it for you!!
Eating… I am really trying to get my eating back on track, I have Crohn’s disease and I need to watch what I eat but lately I have not been doing well on meal planning and my health is suffering, so back to green smoothies for breakfast and NO RICE!! (among other things)
Drinking… Water with different fruit and tea, also a few cups of coffee, but ONLY Puroast!  This post tells you why!
Calling… I rarely call anyone lol.
Texting… My kids…..always, and other family members too!
Pinning… Recipes, trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon!
Tweeting… Everything that I think should be shared with the big wide world!  My tweets are random, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should!
Going… To Crohn’s and Colitis Day at Target Field in May!!
Loving… Being able to take walks after work!  Hello Spring, please stick around!
Hating… Money.  Or more specifically the lack of…
Discovering… Adulting is hard work.
Thinking… My mind has been very busy lately. There’s a lot of stuff going on up there.
Feeling… Blah.  Hoping that spring time will give me the charge up I need.
Hoping (for)… My tax refund to arrive soon.
Listening (to)… Podcasts! Surprisingly Awesome and Serial mostly.
Celebrating… Spring, it’s here one day and …..  gone the next.  Hopefully it stays awhile now.
Smelling… Stress Away Essential Oil in my diffuser…. all day every day at my desk
Ordering… nothing.  I am on a Spending Freeze, going to try to make it one year of spending on nothing but food and “necessities”.  Anyone out there made it a year?
Thankful for… Love
Considering… Options for life.
Starting… To plan for empty nest, which will be my reality in a year!
Finishing… Finished painting my Living Room, still searching for artwork and would LOVE input from you, check out the post with photos HERE.
What happened to YOU in March?  and please, please check out my living room walls and give me some input on artwork!
  • Rosie’s Cottage

    Hi Honey x I’ve become a bit of a hermit these past couple of months. Not coping as well as I’d like. Winter has truly overstayed her welcome this year. I so wish Spring would hurry up! Not exactly sunny today but at least the (near constant) rain has stopped and I’ve gone a little loopy with laundry 🙂 Even our furbaby Jade’s blankets are pegged outside in the lovely (tho chilly) fresh air 🙂 This is an amazing post Heidi, I felt like I was sitting in your living room and you were reading it to me 🙂 I so wish we lived closer it would be such fun to share a cuppa and a chat. I hope you’re having a fab week dear one, sending heaps of huggles always dear wee friend xxx
    ps: Try (altho I know it’s not easy) not to let negativity at work upset you angel, I work retail and oh my do we get it there too :/ Some customers can be properly rude and even sometimes a little aggressive but I just keep telling myself that I’m not walking in their shoes and maybe they have problems like we all do and don’t mean to be upsetting others, they’re just having a bad day, so I smile and mentally wish them well, it usually helps. I think you’re an empath Heidi, feeling things very deeply, I am too and sometimes it sucks because we have no barrier, no shield to hide behind in difficult situations, it can make life less than bearable at times but it also makes you, well you, and you’re are an amazing, smart, kind lady with the sweetest nature. In short dear wee friend, you’re awesome! Huggles always xxx