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Living Room Make Over

I really, really need help with this Living Room Make Over.  I am still sitting here with completely empty walls!!

There is ONE room in my home that I have not painted or really touched at all in the nearly 10 years I have owned my home. Believe it or not, it’s the living room, the one room that I probably spend the most time in.
I have thought about painting it many times, but there was this awful wallpaper boarder that kept me from starting the project. One day I had enough and I started pulling it down, let’s just say it was a process I will not miss.
I painted several “patches” on different walls to figure out what color I was going to end up painting this room.
Once I had about 4 unanimous opinions from 4 VERY different people, I decided to go for it! The paint is on and there is no turning back now (well there IS, but not without a lot of work that I am not interested in)!
Now, while I would LOVE to get rid of the tired couch and love seat that is just not in the budget right now, so they are staying. What is in the budget and I would love to get some help with is choosing artwork for the walls. I have a few options that I am playing with and I would LOVE some help.

Here are the before and afters of the walls. coming soon***

The upper portion is the color the walls were, and the lower is the NEW color
entire wall painted with new color, also the couch will remain, so that blue color will need to stay as a part of my “decor” sadly 🙁
This area behind the couch is where the art work will go, there is another wall sconce identical to this one on the left side, the print will be centered between them.


Also, a photo of the spot on the wall I am looking to fill with one of these photographs. coming soon***
I am looking for something to fill the spot above my couch. These are contenders from What is your opinion?MIN-1RF-GNA-007_A_CP MIN-ISM-GNA-007_A_CP MIN-Q7C-GNA-007_A_CP MIN-VB8-GNA-007_A_CP

  • Whitney

    We got a Piece from minted for our bedroom and love it. Finishing a room is so hard, good luck!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod


      Thanks for the input on the Minted artwork, I still have not been able to make up my mind on what to order!!