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Motivational Monday Knitting Style

Good Monday Morning Lovely Readers!  Motivational Monday Knitting Style is up today!  Knitting is something that I picked up last winter but set down and kind of forgot about.  Then this winter I picked my project back up again and realized it is a great way to spend the time when it’s cold out and I can’t be out there! Ok, I could but I don’t want to!!  Knitting is a super way to relax and if you hit the sales at Michaels, like the one they are having right now for up to 55% off all yarn, it is also a pretty reasonable hobby cost wise.  Potentially once you get skilled you can make gifts for others, and yourself.

There are several great how to videos on youtube and a lot of bloggers and share free patterns on their blogs every week!  I think the best way to give back is to post some how to videos yourself once you get to the skill level that you are comfortable with.

The first thing you need to learn is how to cast on, here is the video I used to refresh my memory this winter!

Here is the yarn I am using for my current project, I love it and I think I will love the resulting scarf too.  I did NOT start with this thick yarn and I wouldn’t recommend that you do either, start with a finer yarn and smaller needles! The ones I am knitting with are a US 19 and the other needles in the picture ARE the needles I started with and those are 8mm needles, they were a good starting place for me, but again it depends on the pattern you decide to start with.  I plan to share my finished scarf here with you, and I hope that you will try your hand at knitting and share your projects with me here!

My current knitting project, using 15mm needles and Chunky yarn by Loops & Threads


my first knitting project, using 8mm needles and I don’t remember the brand of yarn as I started this LAST winter, I tore it out and started over this year, and now it’s finally finished!

So there you have my knitting progress, I am really enjoying it and have been spending my down time over the holidays polishing my knitting skills!  I am hoping to learn how to follow various patterns so I can make things like Coffee Cuffs, Hats and Ear Warmers, but currently I am stuck with scarves!  Do YOU knit?  If so, were YOU self taught?  Let me know 🙂



  • Rosie’s Cottage

    I love knitting! I wish I was better at it though. I’m no where near good enough to follow patterns but I’d love to maybe knit enough squares to sew together into a blanket 🙂 When I was younger I could knit slippers, scarves and a teddy bear. Off to share your lovely post Heidi, hope you’re having a fabulous holidays, huggles always xxx

    • http://www.heidnspeak.com heidikate73@yahoo.com

      I was NOT good at knitting for my first couple projects, they both got ripped apart after completion, but I AM getting better and I like doing it 🙂 I don’t follow patterns either 🙂 I kind of make my own!